Another Opportunity to Make a Difference

A Message from Little Black Pearl´s Executive Director

The right to a quality education should be made available to “every child” in the United States. Education is freedom and a potential ticket out of poverty and despair.  Education is the rock upon which our black and brown children stand in hopes of being invited onto the playing field.  There is no opportunity to win or lose if you can’t compete or even see the lush grounds of the playing field.

For the past 18 years, Little Black Pearl has created access and opportunities to underserved youth.  Options Laboratory School is the culmination of many years of dedication to improving the lives of Chicago’s inner-city youth.  We believe that school should be the one place of refuge for a child seeking equal opportunity. Public schools are the American Institution where as the collective mission is to produce the leaders, inventors, and change agents for the future. Yet over the years, thousands of youth in Chicago walked off the playing field. They have come to realize they have been sent out onto the field to compete with no equipment, coaches or fans. Yet they can look across the field and see that their suburban competitors have everything they need to win. They saw no hope for a fair contest and just walked away.

Options Laboratory School will change the game and offer an alternative “choice” for youth struggling to stay in the game.  In the absence of a definitive game-changing strategy, community-based organizations like Little Black Pearl and our partners must step in to create holistic environments designed to offer a quality education. At the same time, we must provide the social and emotional support necessary to help urban youth overcome the trauma of poor educational experiences, hopelessness, and failure.

Options Laboratory School is Little Black Pearl’s effort to provide a fair opportunity for “off track” youth to be escorted back onto a playing field. Our unique art and technology-based school is designed to offer a quality education that prepares our youth for fair competition and a hopeful opportunity for the future.  Thank you for your continued support. Let’s change the game together!