Another Opportunity to Make a Difference

A Message from the Principal

Welcome students, parents and friends!

It is with great pride that I welcome you to Options Laboratory High school. Together with parents and community members, we will continue our mission to create an arts based school learning environment with a culture that is unique, rigorous, nurturing, and community based.

What makes Options Laboratory Unique? Where do I begin?

  • Options Laboratory School is in partnership with Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center wherein students have the facilities to create art and work with technology.
  • Located within the Little Black Pearl Art Gallery, the Options Lab family; students, faculty, staff, parents, partnerships, and community, create together. Working as one, we give our students the opportunity to achieve great success in high school and beyond.
  • Students who attend Options Laboratory are interested in careers utilizing art, music and/or technology.
  • At Options we integrate an Arts Infused Curriculum throughout all of our classes.
  • We strive to keep a low teacher-to-student ratio through the addition of para-professionals in our classrooms.
  • Students have the opportunity to experience college preparation through partnerships with colleges and universities.
  • We offer high school students an opportunity to transfer to or re-enroll with Options if they express an interest in the Arts.
  • The “world” is in all of our teachers’ and students’ hands through interactive learning, trips throughout Chicago, and other parts of the world.
  • A small school setting allows opportunities to get to know each student at Options and the students thrive in a community based on relationships and relevant curriculum.

Our students deserve every opportunity that promotes learning for success in life. Visit our school. Attend our wonderful performances and exhibits. I promise, no matter who you are, Options Laboratory High School will enrich your life.

The best way to learn more about us is to explore our website. If you are considering becoming part of Options, or wish to partner, and support us in our mission, please don’t hesitate to call our main office or email us.


Sharon Mason
Options Laboratory High School


" You'll encounter many obstacles along the road to living your dreams. However they manifest, you will always be given the choice as to whether you give them power."
- Francine Ward

“We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, callings."
- Abraham Maslow